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Childbirth Classes

Childbirth Classes are a great way for you to prepare for labor and childbirth. Our classes involve a few weekly sessions that include lectures, exercises, hands-on practice and discussions. Each class is led by a certified instructor, and the goal of each class is to provide you with everything you need to know about childbirth. You’ll learn valuable techniques too, so that you can relax and remain comfortable during labor.

Our Childbirth Classes cover all important areas such as:

  • The early signs of labor
  • How labor progresses and the stages of labor
  • Techniques for coping with pain during labor
  • How your partner can assist you during labor
  • When it is time to call a doctor or go to the hospital

We will answer your questions and concerns during our Childbirth Classes as well. Most importantly, we teach you the basics of infant and childcare. We’ll cover topics such as breastfeeding, using formula, diaper care, and more.

During Childbirth Classes, you can also connect with other parents in your area and establish supportnetworks. We’re happy to offer information regarding our classes and to answer your questions regarding childbirth, whether you’re enrolled or not.

To learn more about our Childbirth Classes, or to schedule a childbirth class at Women-Baby’s Center, give us a call at 098 800 921 now!

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Childbirth Classes

Learn what to expect with our Childbirth Classes, based on Lamaze Childbirth Education Program

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