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Health Check Up

If you in a nanny role, your health and hygiene are important. Children can easily catch diseases and parents want to rest assured that the person caring for their children is healthy and takes care of themselves. Women-Baby’s Center offers check-ups and hygiene training to help you as a nanny.

General Exam
The health exam is a general checkup exam that includes blood pressure, vision, ENT, weight and height, and pulse. We ensure the nanny is healthy and physically fit to perform her duties. A chest x-ray may be required to diagnose any early signs of disease, including tuberculosis or other communicable diseases.

Blood Tests
Blood tests are performed to rule out any disease or risk of disease. These tests can include a Hepatitis Test, screen for HIV or AIDS, and other transmittable diseases.

Hygiene Training
The hygiene training will help to learn the essentials of taking care of herself before taking care of others. We teach everything from routine maintenance to hand washing and other duties.

To schedule your nanny check-up or hygiene training, contact Women-Baby’s Center at 098 800 921 now or fill a form here!

More about the package Health Check-Up:
1. Specially prepared by Women-Baby's Center medical check-up will clean up most important risk from your child:

  • General physical exam;
  • Visual skin exam;
  • Mucus exam;
  • Full Blood Count;
  • Hepatitis B;
  • Stool Parasite;
  • HIV;
  • Syphilis;
  • X-ray chest;
  • Glucose.

2. Exclusive Hygiene Training.

To prevent the risk of infection or its spread, we've included to the package a special prepared Hygiene Training for understanding a basic knowledge about the personal hygiene, and protection of people around. The Hygiene Training will be in Khmer or English, where will be provided full explanation with giving all necessary instructions.

4. Discharge Letter after health check-up will be provided to nanny's hands only, with full explanation.

Package price is $87.

Request Health Check-Up now!

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