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General Terms and Conditions of the Agreement

for Online Advisory Service

Women-Baby’s Center Anna (hereinafter referred to as Adviser)
The person seeking for the online consultancy service (hereinafter referred to as Customer),
in other words “Parties”.
These Terms are set up to specify policies of ordering Online Advisory Service (hereinafter referred to as Service) Customer’s rights and obligations of the Parties. 
The service and products are provided exclusively in accordance with the following terms and conditions. 
By using This Service, The Customer confirms that his/her age is 18 years or more and the Customer has read, completely understood and fully accepted the current Terms and Conditions. 

Scope of Online Advisory Service:

1.    Service is a consultancy that provides an online session by the conversation between Adviser and Customer. The Service is limited to providing trough online platform or video messenger which is agreed by Adviser and Customer or via telephone conversation.
2.    The fee and number of Service determined by the selected Service package.
3.    After having effected payment, the Customer calls the consultant at a fixed, pre-agreed date or rather contacts the consultant online (for example via WhatsApp or Skype). Adviser, however, is entitled, but not obliged, to remind the Customer on the appointment by a short call or message.
4.    Adviser renders the services through an online-consultancy Services. The information on matters such as advice on future actions related to a Customer request in spheres such as health, family planning, guidance on hygiene and nutrition and so on. The service cannot be used for diagnostic of health diseases and to make a medical conclusion. Service cannot be regarded as a complete medical service. In addition, the service does not replace a Customer’s visit to a clinic or a hospital and counseling with a doctor for a full case examination.


1.    Time and date of appointment for Service shall be agreed upon by phone or e-mail. Any appointment will be confirmed after completing 100% payment of the agreed fees.
2.    To change a scheduled appointment, Customer shall inform Adviser in 24 hours prior to the agreed date at the latest by call or e-mail. The transfer request is only valid if it has been confirmed by Women-Baby’s Center Anna. Otherwise, the originally agreed date is considered as firmly agreed upon.

Cancelation and Refund Policy.

.    In case a Customer fails to comply with the dates, the claim for consultation will discontinue. In this situation fee for non-compliance has to be paid as a cancellation fee and compensation.
2.    In case an Adviser is not able to keep an agreed appointment, Adviser will offer the Customer an alternative date and time. In case Customer disagrees with a new appointment the fee will be paid back in full amount.
3.    For technical problems such as a line failure or Internet connection issue, Customer and Adviser shall pursue all efforts to find a reliable way for connections, otherwise should be assigned a new date of an appointment within the next three days as maximum after an original appointment date with another telephone number or Internet address for consultancy. There is no right to claim a refund of the fee in this case.
4.    Purchased Gift Cards for Service cannot be returned to Adviser, Customer does not have a right to claim a refund of the service fee offered by Gift Cards.
Refund Process
-    In case of Refund, Both Parties shall collaborate with each other to complete the Refund as soon as possible. However, the process of refund can be expected within 5-10 business days. We’ll get in touch with you via email or phone once we’ve received your Refund request.

Contact point

-    Let’s keep in touch and please reach us by e-mail info@wbcanna.com, mobile: +855(0)98 800 910 or visit our office: Business Center KTT (KT Tower), Room 403, 4th floor, #23, Str. 112, Sangkat Phsar Depo 3, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.
Our team is available every business day from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Disclaiming of responsibility

1.    By using Service, Customer has fully agreed that all information and advises Customer receives from the Adviser will be used or not used by the Customer at his/her own risk. The Customer waives any claims or compensation including financial or legal claims on the matter of result of using received advises and information from the Adviser.
2.    To ensure a successful consultancy service, the Adviser and the Customer needs to share all the information in question concerning subject. There is no responsibility for consulting service relying on incorrect, misleading or incomplete information given by Customer to Adviser.
3.    If the Customer has doubts about his/her understanding of received information from the Adviser it is fully the Customer’s responsibility to inform the Adviser about this. The Adviser shall not bear any responsibilities in case the Customer’s interpretation of the received information or advice(s) is not correct. 
4.    The adviser is not liable of the session of the consultancy that cannot be established or session interrupted and cannot be restored due to force majeure, due to technical problems or due to any other incidents that are not within the sphere of the Adviser’s control.
5.    The right of cancellation shall become void and null in case all obligations are completely fulfilled by both Parties.

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