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Dr. Anna Roskyalova’s Profile

Dr. Anna set out to establish a clinic that made women’s health and feminine care more personalized and affordable, for local Cambodian women and expatriates alike. Since the start of her career, she has worked hard to establish herself as an expert in the obstetrics and women’s health industry, and she has done just that.

Dr. Anna brings over 14 years of medical experience to Women-Baby’s Center ANNA and has served at some of the biggest women’s health centers in Middle and South-East Asia. From hospitals to local clinics, Dr. Anna is here to help all her patients achieve and maintain excellent feminine health, and to succeed in whatever woman or mother endeavor they’re about to take on.

Dr. Anna received her medical degree in obstetrics and gynecology from the Kazakhstan Medical Institute and her post-graduate specialization from the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan. She is the chief physician at Women-Baby’s Center ANNA as well as a resident doctor at the Sen Sok International University Hospital.

More about Dr. Qualifications here 

About Our Clinic

Women-Baby’s Center ANNA is a trusted provider of specialist gynecology and obstetrics, women’s wellness and reproductive health services. Our staff of skilled health care providers is dedicated to offering women high-quality and discreet health care. We’re a respected leader in obstetrics, counseling, and women’s health. From check-ups to family planning, our staff is here to help.

Why Choose Women-Baby’s Center ANNA?

  • We are a registered LTD company, and our discharge Papers and invoices are accepted by most insurance providers.
  • We offer a unique, personalized care program for every woman who visits our clinic.
  • We offer highly skilled and trained care providers.

Our patients never feel like a number; they feel like part of the family!

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 Office Hours

Monday - Saturday
From 08:00am to 01:00pm

English:    +885 (0)98 800 921
Khmer:    +885 (0)98 800 055


Childbirth Classes

Learn what to expect with our Childbirth Classes, based on Lamaze Childbirth Education Program

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